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One-of-a-kind Clamp-on DC Ammeters

The Swain Meter™ Company manufactures portable clamp on DC ammeters that precisely measure the magnitude and direction of DC current flow on any conductor. Used both onshore and offshore, Swain DC clamp on amp meters accurately read current from 5mA to 200 Amps with a resolution of 1mA in the 0-2Amp range.

Swain MER® and AutoMER™ meters cancel out AC interference up to 10Amps to establish a +/- 1% reliability specification. MER is "Magnetic Error Reduction", a patented technology (US patent 6,323,635 1) is constructed to cancel out the earth's magnetic field and establish an error-free baseline from which precise readings are obtained.

MER Meter®

MER Meter® (Magnetic Error Reduction) reduces magnetic interference from current measurement. A MER meter offers manual zeroing and ranging.

AutoMER™ model combines automatic control with Magnetic Error Reduction -- range and zero are set automatically.

Our engineers build each meter and sensor by hand and calibrate them to exact specifications.

Swain Meter field portable, custom built, clamp-on DC Ammeters:

  • Sizes range from 3/4” through 100”diameter
  • Clips and Clamps are non-contact devices
  • Portable Current Clamp measures DC current 5mA to 200Amps
  • One mA Resolution in 2A range
  • Cancels AC interference for accurate reads
  • Shows direction and Magnitude of current

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